Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ceramic Architecture...Part 2...Success!!

This student is a fan of video games
Part 2 of my Ceramic Architecture projects was a more elaborate project with seventh grade art classes. Along with my fourth grade project, this  was funded by a grant from the Miami Valley Catholic Education Council. The students each chose a "client" to design for, researched a variety of architectural styles using their iPads and our classroom books as  resources, and decided on the best "style" to fit the chosen client. For the most part, the buildings were formed using slab construction, although a few students incorporated coiling to create rounded forms.  

Our Asian exchange student learned all about Sponge Bob!
I loved this cute little cottage for an artist!

Every gnome needs a good home!
Although many students had to deal with construction issues, mostly as a result of their high expectations and limited time (we have only 40 minute classes once a week), there were some excellent finished projects! 
Beach front property

Sponge Bob's retreat

Fairy tale cottage

Adobe desert home

Hey, Kate Spade...check out this retail outlet!

Smoothies, anyone?

Ice cream shop...

Useful as a little box, too!

Just a house

Log cabin in the woods

Pet the paw prints on the roof!

Although I love this project when it is over, and the students almost unanimously enjoyed the work, it isn't one I would do every year simply because it takes the better part of a semester to complete.

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