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Posted August, 2013

What is this MUSE Machine?

Just one of the most amazing arts organizations anywhere...and it's in Dayton, Ohio!

Our music teacher and I have been secondary level (grades 6-12) club advisors for the past five years. Through this organization, we have met and worked with some of the most creative and talented visual and performing artists you could ever hope to meet. But even more important, our students have been enriched by these artists through in-school performances, artist residencies, and field trips to professional arts venues.

Every MUSE Machine program and performance is carefully researched and prepared to bring the visual and performing arts to the school in a way that enhances and reinforces the curriculum standards in English, Language Arts, Science, History, and Mathematics, as well as Drama, Dance, Film, Music, and Visual Art.

Our school also participates in MUSE Machine at the elementary level (K-5), so by the time a student leaves us at the end of eighth grade, he or she has had nine years of participation in the visual and performing arts beyond the regular classroom experiences.

Check out the MUSE Machine website:

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