Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cement much fun!

What a great way to end the school year! My co-advisor, Sherri, and I took sixteen members of our Muse Club arts group to K12 Gallery and TEJAS for an all-day cement sculpture workshop with one of our local artists, Ann Ruef. The process is similar to working with plaster gauze, just a little bit messier...which always adds to the fun!
When we arrived, Ann had already prepared the base for each sculpture by pouring the cement mixture into yoghurt containers and inserting a few pieces of thick wire. The students then used a variety of thick and thin wires to create the armature for their sculpture. Once the armatures were complete, Ann mixed up cement, paper pulp, and water until it was the consistency of thick syrup. The students saturated strips of cotton fabric with the mixture and wrapped their wire armatures to create the final form.


 Not everyone had time to finish embellishing their sculpture with beads, but there were plenty back at school in the art room, along with a can of spray glitter for those who like a little sparkle!



There were so many interesting sculptures and everyone agreed it was a great way to spend a school day in May! 

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