Friday, February 14, 2014

Jim Dine Valentines!

One of my favorite February art projects with my first graders is our Jim Dine Valentines. I introduce the students to the work of Jim Dine using his "Four Hearts" and "Woodcut Heart" prints.
The students create their own Jim Dine inspired work using heart templates and free drawn shapes that are colored with oil pastels that are "thick and juicy". The backgrounds are then filled in with brightly colored pan tempera.

Here are just a few from our collection:

Having them on the cupboard doors really brightens a winter-weary art studio!


  1. Very pretty! I'm sure your students loved making them. I'm a big fan of any project featuring pan tempera :)

    1. Thanks, Rina! These turn out good every year I've done them. I do use liquid tempera on some projects, but for ease of clean up you can't beat pan tempera!