Sunday, February 23, 2014

iPads and Matisse in Grade 4

One of the perks of teaching art in a STEM school is the availability of technology. In December, I got a classroom set of iPads. I did have nine iPads at the beginning of the school year, which was great, but having one for every student really opens the door to so many new and exciting possibilities for my students.
In December, my first graders used the iPads and the Art Doodles app to learn about Henri Matisse and then create Christmas-themed cut out collages. That was fun, but I wanted to take the lesson a step further with my fourth grade students. They first used Art Doodles to create their image, then saved it to their photos. The challenge was to recreate their image using a 6-inch square of construction paper, colored paper scraps, and a pair of scissors.
Day 1: After an introduction to Matisse and his work, the students used Art Doodles to create their images.

Day 2: Recreating the image using cut paper
Day 3: Finishing up

On the third day, some students needed a little time to finish their cut paper collages. After that, everyone set up their iPad with the artwork and we had a "walk around exhibit". There was a lot of good conversation among the students as they noted color and design changes and talked with each other about why these changes were made.

After the walk around, a few students added a few  more details to their work, but most of them were happy with the end result and ready to move on to something new. Success!




  1. Hi Charmaine
    Oh I LOVE this! I knew about the Matisse app, but it is so much more in the spirit of Matisse to execute the iPad design in real cut paper. Pinning!

    1. Thanks, Rina! It was fun to do and quite a few parents and other teachers were enjoying the display at our Learning Fair this past Sunday. I'll be doing the lesson again this week with the fourth grade classes that haven't done it yet. Now that they have seen the project they want to do it, too, of course!