Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Abstract Jacks...Same idea, Different Grade Levels

Sometimes the best projects are the result of a last-minute unanticipated change in plans. This lesson turned out to be a good example of this for me!

Abstract Jacks is my fourth grade October project. The idea for using jack-o'-lanterns to teach an oil pastel lesson about abstraction was originally submitted to Incredible @rt Department by Stephanie Corder. This year my students drew their jack-o'-lanterns, then they used one of our homemade viewfinders to choose the most interesting composition. After drawing the enlargement on 90# paper, the students chose a 3-color combination from our color wheel review (primary, secondary, warm, or cool colors) and painted their Abstract Jacks with tempera paints.


About mid-way though the fourth grade project, my eighth graders were getting close to completing a drawing project using one-point perspective. I knew they needed something more relaxing for the next lesson, but still wanted to stay on target with the curriculum. That's when I had that "A-ha!" moment...color theory review, blending colors, altering images...perfectly suited for an up-scaled version of Abstract Jacks!


This is a project that will definitely be done again next year!


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