Monday, August 19, 2013

Look closely...this won't last long!

Yesterday we welcomed our students back at the annual "Meet the Teachers" open house. After working for two weeks to get my room ready for a new school year, I have to admit I was quite proud of the results after all the effort. So, I decided to get out my camera and take a few photographs to remind myself of how it once looked...before the paint...before the clay...before the collage paper clippings...before muddy shoes after recess...before my spotless, shining room becomes a living, lively classroom art studio once again!

I can see the top of my desk. That won't last long!

My work station aka desk extender

Look at that shiny floor!

Ready and waiting

Fresh red "order border" by the sinks
Wow! I can almost see my face in it!

Muse Machine Arts Club bulletin board
Bye bye, clean room! See you Tuesday morning!


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  2. That "order border" is pure brilliance!!! Thanks so much for sharing this view of your room. I have to echo the same thing about my studio art classroom (that is shared with another VisArt teacher who is much better at keeping it nice and neat than I am).

    1. I can't take credit for the red border by the sinks. I saw that one another blog at the beginning of last school year and thought it might solve my problem of crowding at the sinks. It works pretty well, although some students still need reminders from time to time. As for the floor, it is now spotted with tempera paint stains from some second grade spills. Back to normal in Room 231!