Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time out for Teacher!

My three day Martin Luther King holiday weekend turned out to be a four day event, thanks to a snowy Tuesday morning!  Which was perfect because it gave me time to actually finish a project that I had started on Saturday. A friend of mine, who is an art quilter, hosted a Quilting pARTy with an unusual twist, kind of like Project Runway for art quilters.

The invitation said to bring our sewing machine and supplies, fabric, buttons, beads, basically anything we thought might come in handy. There was mention of a needle felting demonstration, but other than that, nothing too specific. So....I went, knowing that whatever the day brought, it would be creative fun, something I definitely needed!
My original face
The challenge: create a face on a 14-inch square of quilt batting in about two hours time...then cut it into four equal sections...trade away three...then reassemble and complete the face....

 I had to leave early  for a date night with my husband and some friends, so here is how my quilt piece looked when I brought it home. This was probably a good thing because when I returned to it on Monday, I began to see all the possibilities. By the time Monday evening arrived, with the promise of a snowy Tuesday morning, my little studio space was a blizzard of fabric scraps, thread, buttons, and beads. When I got the early morning wake up call with the "snow day" message, I confess that I went back to bed for an extra hour of sleep, but the rest of the day was mine!

So here she is...Mother Nature maybe?
Whoever she may be, the weekend was a success!




  1. I love the idea of trading parts of your work - the result is fabulous. Not sure how big it is, or what your plans are for it, but I was thinking it could become an adorable tote. Or maybe just framed on the wall?

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun getting together with such a creative group, something I don't get to do nearly often enough. So inspiring! This little quilt is about 14" square. It's already backed and bound for hanging, but I love the idea of a tote...next project maybe!

  2. Hi Charmaine
    This would be a nice paper collage project as well!

  3. My students would love that! Thanks for another good idea, Rina.