Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is it December already?

It's hard to believe the it's December 7! Thanksgiving came and went in a blur of travel to visit family in upstate New York, which was great fun for me and my husband since we had not seen our two grandsons since midsummer. Aiden, the oldest who is three and a half, presented me with a mini collection of his preschool art cute! This past Friday we had enough snow to get one of those wonderful snow days, which was great for me, but now I am going to be playing some frantic "catch up" to get my first and second grade projects finished and out the door before Christmas break begins.

Aiden's preschool art
My first graders were first introduced to the paper cut works of Henri Matisse, then used the Art Doodles app on their iPads to create some digital work in the style of this popular French artist. The app is somewhat limited in scope, but it provided the students with a nice introduction to the idea of creating a picture entirely out of shapes. The following class period, the students used colored construction paper to create their own Christmas collages using some precut Accu-Cut shapes, tracing stencils, and their own cut outs. I'm in the process of photographing the students and their work to create an art room Christmas video greeting for our school's digital newsletter next week. Here are a few of my favorites so far:
We talked about overlapping shapes...I think she's got it!

The only precut used by this student was the Christmas tree.

Here's another with only one precut, the donkey.

This student took a lot of time coordinating colors.

This one has some pop outs!

After two class sessions, this creative little guy told me he still needs more time.
I can't wait to see what he adds next!
This resourceful student taped three sheets of paper together
to create his heavenly choir!
Two first grade classes finished, two more to work with tomorrow, then on to second grade and clay Christmas ornaments! Although I love those snow days, I'm hoping for smooth sailing until December 20!


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